It’s finally beginning to cool off

So that means it’s FALL! (well almost, techincally Fall doesn’t start until Monday)

Can you tell I’m excited?

Now I am a summer girl in every way, shape, and form. But there’s something about the Fall that I just can’t describe. It’s when you’re sitting outside and it’s still warm but there’s a cool overtone.

And that’s exactly what the weather was like today. 

So I took full advantage of it and ran outside as opposed to going into the gym. It was too pretty of a day to pass up. Although what today was perfect for was playing soccer.

To me, since I grew up in the North, the fall means the start of soccer season. Cool afternoon practices with breezes blowing the leaves around. Fall Festival in October, practice everyday after school, and games on Friday nights. I truely do miss it. But I’m lucky enough to have those memories and go to school in a place that still feels like that (I could be sweating my butt off in Florida. I don’t know how my friends do it).

Fall also means a couple of other things as well.

It means it’s apple picking season and that is one of my all time favorite things to do. Ask anyone who went with me growing up. As soon as I got to the orchard I took off. I was on a mission to climb as many trees and eat as many apples as I could. My parents would come home with bags of apples (one of which was soley mine) and that meant Mom was making apple crisp. Yum. Luckily I have an awesome roommate who likes apple picking so hopefully I’ll get to go this year (I haven’t been in way too long).

Fall also means that it’s corn maze and pumpkin season. There’s a farm 20 minutes from here that has two mazes, pumpkin picking, a mini petting zoo, and this tramopline bubble thing that 20 year olds have too much fun on 🙂

As for pumpkins, I’m going to get a little basic here. I do love my pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice everything from Bath and Body Works. But I also like pumpkin in other things (i.e cookies, pie, seeds, etc) and the aesthetics of them. I think they look pretty and I love carving Jack-o-lanterns (I’m one of the few people I know who doesn’t mind picking out the “guts”).

Not to mention, it’s also sweater and scarf weather! (That, and now I won’t sweat just standing outside walking to class. I’ll only sweat because I’m walking up hills and endless flights of stairs -_-). I’m not the biggest fan of jeans but if I can pair it with a light sweater and don’t need a coat, I’m a happy girl.

People say that spring is the season of new beginnings but I’ve always thought it was Fall. That’s when school always started back up again (at least for me), when sports resumed (especially football and soccer), and when the world takes a breath and cools down from the intensity of summer.

I don’t know when, but I decided that I want to get married in the Fall (planning around football games, when the time comes, should be fun). I don’t want to be that typical June bride (the only thing I should be sweating from is nerves, not heat).

So I do have a special place in my heart for the Fall. My Mom, on the other hand, is getting depressed because she loves the summer even more than I do. Granted after October New Jersey is cold and miserable until April… But Fall there is beautiful and then when the snow comes everything looks magical.

Bring on the PSLs, sweaters, and “Fall things” (if nly I had a cute boy to do those with…). I’m ready for ya. 



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