Baking, still improving on that one

So yesterday I attempted to make homemade granola.

I found a recipe on Pinterest (where I find all of the recipes my parents don’t give me) and decided to try it out.

While it was baking it smelled great but when I took it out, it didn’t look so great. I may have singed it a tiny bit. Okay, maybe a lot of bit…

So next time I make said granola (because I can’t justify throwing away all of what I made. That would be wasteful. Thank god for yogurt and honey), I will bake it for much less than the recipe suggests.

Now, usually I’m a pretty good cook. Last year I mastered homemade sauce, meatballs, and lasagna.

Baking, however, still seems to be a work in progress.

Don’t get me wrong, I can make slice-n-bake cookies like a champ and follow Betty Crocker’s directions no problem. But to me that’s not really baking. Baking is when you have to measure out all the flour, baking powder, sugar, etc. Throw it all together (make sure everything gets combined the right way and doesn’t separate), put it in the oven, and pray it’s palatable (notice I didn’t say edible. Most things are edible, but that doesn’t mean they taste good).

So baking. I’ve heard some people can bake like it’s no one’s business while others just can’t. Really hoping I fall somewhere in the middle because I can make some pretty baller chocolate chip cookies (ask any of the boys who were on the varsity basketball team when I was the manager). With any luck that’s not all I’m limited to in the baking world.

I’d really like to make cake from scratch (when I have the time, ingredients, and bandwidth to do so). But that might have to wait until some sort of break that way I’m not juggling baking with writing a paper or studying for a test.

On the bright side, there’s no where to go but up from here. I now know how long NOT to bake granola for and since I’ve had successful baking endeavors in the past, I know I’m not a complete lost cause.

Now I just need to find the right recipe to propel me forward in my baking adventures (I was throwing around the idea of making pie from scratch. Unfortunately I won’t be flying home until Thanksgiving MORNING -_- so that one might have to put on the back burner until Christmas).

If any one has tips, tricks or suggestions, I am all ears. Oh! One cool thing I did learn though. If you’re measuring something sticky, like honey, grease the cup or measurement container with a little bit of oil (I used vegetable oil) and all of it comes right out. nothing sticks to the sides. I thought that was pretty amazing.



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