I love football, but these away tickets though

Let me preface by saying that I was awarded away-tickets this year to both of the games I requested. That is not the source of my frustration.

The events over the past two days in regard to picking up the tickets are.

It started with an email saying that I would have to pay in cash (which was totally on me. I got a new debit card in the mail and registered for tickets with the old one. Ergo, the old debit card was not charged). No big deal. Hit the ATM on Monday.

I met up with my friend, handed her the cash, and my ID. She was doing me a solid by picking up the ticket for me (I was at work all day).

So yesterday rolls around, après 5 pm, and I get a call, “So the guy scanned your ID and said you didn’t pay your athletic fee. So he couldn’t give me your tickets.”

Cue stress. Why did it say that? My Mom said everything was taken care of for the semester? The office of student accounts closed TWO HOURS AGO.  I can ONLY get tickets TOMORROW. I need proof that I paid the fee. I need someone else to pick them up for me again (I had football practice).

I picked up my ID from my friend, the thoughts of dealing with that kept me up all night, woke me out of a dead sleep at 2 am, and I tossed and turned for the next four hours.

Then comes this morning. I get hold of the office of student accounts (after I gave my roommate my ID in hopes I would be able to receive tickets today). There was a glitch with the new payment plan system they introduced this year. Aka, my fee was paid and their computer systems screwed up. Phew, not my fault. Now I should get tickets.

HA. Jokes.

I get a text from my roommate around 6 pm (after she’s waited online for an hour and I’m at football practice).

“You didn’t have enough money. It was $167.”

That damn tax. I guess they neglect to mention that you have to add in the TAX when you pay in cash. When it was on my card it just took whatever amount fulfilled it. Thanks for the heads up on the tax guys.

Long story short, I still don’t have away tickets. Though I heard through the grape vine that I should be able to pick them up at the ticketing office tomorrow. I don’t know if that’s 100% true and if it is (which I’m praying), I don’t know if there is a specified window. (For the past two days you could only get them 4-7 pm)

If it really is a myth though, I am SOL. Guess who’s going to be scalping tickets then trying to find their friends in Knoxville and Jacksonville? This girl.

With how advanced our society there really should be a less flawed system when it comes to getting football tickets.

Fingers crossed I’m able to get mine tomorrow! Otherwise I might cry.



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