So I thought today was Wednesday…

Yeah that’s pretty much how my Monday has gone so far.

I’ve been assigned two projects, by the same teacher, for two different classes. These projects are pretty much going to consume my life for the rest of the semester (and I don’t even know where to start. I had so much information thrown at me today my head almost started spinning).

Not to mention, since our first game is Saturday, the office was in a tizzy. And ask anyone, two hours at work is no where near enough time to get anything done. I had too much to do, too little time, and too many distractions for 120 minutes (luckily I’m there all day tomorrow to make up for it).

News broke about a new ticket policy (because charging through the nose for a ticket you paid $8 for is ridiculous) and people were calling left and right about media guides they haven’t received yet (chill people. We have been slammed with all things football. You will get your media guides. Eventually. When we have a second to breathe)

But there were many upsides to the start of the week

  1. Football starts in FIVE days!
  2. I played lacrosse with my roommate (luckily we didn’t ding any cars in the parking lot)
  3. And I went to dinner with a really nice guy (I mean this kid drove an hour and a half to take me out to dinner)

And to end the night my roommate and I decided to watch some tv and relax with a nice bottle of wine.

We stumbled upon “I am Cait,” something we had both never seen. And decided to check it out. It’s interesting to say the least (that and “American Ninja Warrior” was over for the night).

Wine, transgenders, and cats. Just your typical Monday.

The cat came in when Sanford (my roommates cat) decided to bump his head on the bottom of my roommates glass. Cue wine spilling on our WHITE couch slips. We Oxy Clean’d the heck out of that (and a section of the rug). That stuff is MAGIC. Seriously it is. Hopefully in the morning the majority of it is gone and after we pop it in the washer it will be wine free.

“This is why we need white wine! This is why we can’t have nice things!” – my hilarious roommate stomping her foot in our living room.

So this week has started unlike any other. But we have had many laughs along the way. After all, college is all about “remember that crazy time when…” In times like these, whether it’s Monday or it actually is Wednesday, you just have to go with it. If you let every little thing affect you, you’re going to be more stressed than I am on a daily basis from 9-5 (exercise really is a wonderful thing. Helps all that stress disappear. Even running when it’s hot enough to make your doorknob too hot to touch).

I am so glad I started that 6 page paper and finished it already.



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