My life is slowly coming back together

And by my life, I mean my room. And by my room, I mean I finally have (some) furniture!

It didn’t get here until almost 8 pm last night (when it was SUPPOSED to be delivered between 4:30-6:30) but the important thing is that it got here.

Now, ould you classify a mattress as furniture? Well, whether it is or not, I finally have one in my room. After living on an air mattress for the last three weeks, sleeping on an actual mattress last night felt like heaven.

In addition to the mattress, my dresser came as well. No more overflowing bins of gym clothes, sweats, and tee-shirts. My room is getting back to some level of organized. When my room is organized, nine times out of 10 that means my life is organized.

I’m not all there just yet. I’m still waiting on a bed frame and a desk.

Honestly I wish the desk would have came instead of the dresser.

Mostly because I feel like I’m doing my homework in too many different places. The kitchen table has papers and books sprawled on it, there’s books on the floor of my room, and I never remember what is and what isn’t in my backpack. Hopefully when I have everything in one place I’ll remember to bring everything I have to to class (unlike the past two weeks -_-).

On the bright side everything is supposed to be here Thursday night. With luck they’ll get here on the earlier side and I won’t be spending the better part of the night organizing my room… But that’s probably what’s going to happen and 9 am compared to 8 am is much easier to handle when it comes to classes.

I’m just tired of looking at everything pushed up against the wall not in it’s place. As my friend would say, “It’s our inner PR girl coming out.” And I have to agree. For the most part we’re both organized, type A, planners, etc. I guess your major does define your personality to some degree. It does at least in my case.

I’m just lucky enough that my roommate is just as OCD about the little things as I am. The kitchen is clean, my bathroom is organized, the living room is put together, but my room is a mess. It’s driving me nuts. At least I’m able to close my door when guests come over.

I hope this is the last weekend my room is a, for lack of a better term, shit show (excuse my language). The fact that the majority of it is put away should hold me over for the next few days. I just can’t wait until I can walk into my room and not stress about how it looks.

My mom will probably read this and laugh because in high school all she ever did was ask me to go clean my room. To be honest, I didn’t start to care about how it looked until college. That’s more or less because in high school all of my friends and I would hang out downstairs. We were only in my room to sleep. Now, my room could be a focal point of where we hang out. Especially when the weather gets colder and we can’t sit out on the porch.

So for those parents out there who think their kids will never keep their rooms clean, don’t give up hope. You just have to send them to college first.


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