Football in the Fall


10 days until kick-off at Sanford Stadium! Can you guess how excited I am?

I got my credentials yesterday, which is like Christmas for Sports Comm assistants, and I’ve helped out with practice the past two days. Yesterday I narrowly missed getting hit with a pass (note to self, don’t stand in the “danger zone” as #86 called it). Today I avoided the field and focused on moderating the interview room.

Sadly someone beat me to pouring coach Richt’s powerade, but I did get to keep time to make sure he stayed on schedule.

I seriously love college football. I grew up with professional, and some how avoided high school football. I take that back, I went to one high school football game my freshman year of high school. It was for the district my high school was in, but it wasn’t my school (I went to a prep school. One of the few where football is not really a big deal).

So I got to see Monmouth Regional’s first game under the lights against RBR. It was fun. Honestly all I remember was how cold it was, I don’t even remember if they won or not.

Looking back, I wish I had known kids who went to my town’s high school, that way I would have had another team to cheer for. I missed getting painted up, making signs, and screaming my head off on Friday nights for the home team.

Granted, football is no where near as popular in the North as it is in the South (thank you “Friday Night Lights” for clearing that up for me as well as showing me what I missed out on) Georgia isn’t Texas, but from what I’ve heard from my friends Friday nights were still a lot of fun (in high school mine consisted of sports practice, a game, a movie, or hanging out with my then boyfriend. Personally I wish I had the chance to go to more than one game).

Safe to say I’m making up for my lack of high school football in college. I love being able to work for the football team. I get to watch practice, I get to interact with coaches and players, and sometimes I’m even close enough to touch a ball (nearly getting hit by one counts too).

Are practices long? Yes. Do players take their sweet time getting up stairs to do interviews with the media? You best believe it. Is it all worth it? Absolutely.

It’s everything and more than I could have dreamt of doing in college. I might have to be at the stadium at 7 am some mornings and I might not leave until midnight some nights.

But I get to be on the field while the Dawgs run out and 92,047 people cheer them on. That is a feeling like no other.

It’s like the feeling I had when I walked into my first game my freshman year (we kicked Gamecock butt thank you very much). It’s such a sense of being overwhelmed in the best possible way.

The entire stadium is decked out in red (or black depending on if we get our act together and make a black-out happen) and I’m standing there in the heart of it.

So did I miss out on some football games and washing off paint in high school? Yes.

Am I able to take part in the entity that is Georgia football and so much more in college? You have no idea.


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