It’s been quite a week

First week of school down and the second one has started. I’m stressed already.

Actually, let me clarify that. I have been stressed since 1 pm last Monday. This is going to be a long semester.

To start, both of my PR classes are taught by the same professor. I’m already confused as to which class I’m in and which one I have homework for (oh wait. I have homework for both of them, duh). Also, my other two classes are both communications classes, so they’re both COMM.

I have two COMMs and two PRs. Yeah. Not going to confuse me at all.

And for some reason syllabus week felt like an actual week of school. I thought junior year was bad in high school. This is going to kick my butt.

Not to mention, I woke up Friday morning to a flat tire. At first I thought I had run over a nail or skimmed a curb (both very probable). But alas, that was not it.

While at the tire store the guy rolls out my tire and says, “Miss, you’ve been slashed.”

Yeah. So that happened.

*Insert really feeling like a grown up* I had to file my first police report (my parents idea but it is vandalism so I see their point). This was the first time I think I spoke to a police officer outside of a school assembly.

Luckily, the tire guy was beyond helpful. I got a replacement in three days and all is good (now I just have a constantly reoccurring fear that I will, again, wake up to a flat tire. What a way to start the semester huh?).

But the week was not all bad.

I ventured out to Kennesaw and Marietta and made some new friends. We went to a rodeo, participated in it for a bit (my friend and I weren’t about getting into the dog pile of a fight however), and (coolest part of my weekend) I got to ride in a 1969 441 Oldsmobile.


Not sure if I’m ever going to have an opportunity like that again but at least now I can say I have (plus my Dad said there aren’t a lot of them left so technically I’ve rode in a piece of history).

So now we’re into full blown school mode (even though syllabus week felt like that too). But that means football season is 12 days away (excuse me as I get ridiculously excited).

Fifteen hours seemed like much less as a freshman. Oh well. I’ve come this far. If I can survive 17 with volunteering I can survive 15 with a job (my job has been my salvation. If I could fast forward through school and work there full-time I totally would).

Hopefully I’ve exhausted all the bad things that can happen to me for the rest of the semester (or year) and now it’ll be smooth sailing.

Now all I’m waiting for is my bed to come in so I can stop sleeping on an air mattress on the ground.



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