I’ve learn a few things over the past few years

Ugh when did I get to be a junior? Oh right. Monday. 

With the semester off to a stressful start (ALL of my classes on syllabus day lasted the entire 50 minutes), I already know it’s going to be a long couple of months. 

Although I have learned some things over the years that make getting to Christmas much less stressful. 

Some you may know while others you may not. Had I known all of this freshman year my life probably would have been a lot easier. 

  • Keep deodorant in your backpack (doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl. We’re all going to school in the southeast and it’s hot plus it’s going to be humid until November)
  • Ladies keep a hair brush in there too
  • Charger cables are a must, you can usually get away without having the block
  • Papers you shove in your bag will end up crushed at the bottom and you will never find them again. Take pictures of what’s important
  • Always have back up pens (yes I know we live in a digital age but if the phone/tablet/computer is dead, you can still write something on your hand)
  • A 20 minute nap does wonders and is much cheaper than coffee (seriously you feel like a new person) 
  • If you really want to go to something, but none of your friends do, go anyway (you’ll stress less about what you didn’t miss)
  • Sweating it out and taking a break from homework makes you feel better and be more productive (gotta remember to break the day up)
  • Getting up at the same time everyday (difficult as that is) keeps your body in rhythm and makes you less tired during the day (it works for me at least)
  • Close the laptop every once and a while and take in what’s around you

So those are just some things I’ve learned along the way. Of course I know a few more that just pertain to females but I like to think some guys read this too. I try to keep it as neutral as I can. 

Hopefully I’ll remember to use most of my tips because I’m 4 days into the semester and half of the days in my planner are already filled (and I mean more than one thing in a day). 

I’m already planning my flights home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yupp. Already there. 

So if my posts aren’t as frequent as they have been, it will be because I’m buried in PR books, studying democracy in Ancient Greece, and or working multiple sporting events. 

I love college 🙂


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