It’s been a crazy couple of days

I’ve been here a week and I’m still not completely unpacked yet.

Well, that also has to do with the fact that I have zero furniture in my room and my bed is an air mattress…

As of now. Hopefully by the middle of September the rest of my life be in order. So, until then, I’m just going to have to deal with it.

(Luckily I have good friends who have offered me spare beds and couches)

I am so glad to be back in Athens. I already have one football practice and a soccer game under my belt.

Although I have had some fun while in the midst of work and unpacking.

  • I’ve stayed up until 2 am catching up with great friends (those really are the best nights)
  • I’ve done a rope swing (and that landing hurt)
  • I’ve passed out on a friends couch (already)
  • I’ve come to the realization that people I have known since freshman year are seniors and will be leaving me in May (excuse me while I go cry)
  • I’ve helped a friend move into my old apartment (talk about deja vu)
  • I helped out with picture day (and was at one point surrounded by the football team on all four sides)
  • My best friend from home stopped by on her way down to school and stayed the night
  • My roommate and I are currently making our little house adorable (crafting is EXPENSIVE)

And school starts tomorrow at 9 am… As glad as I am to be back, I could use just a few more days before I have to rush between classes and not sweat to death.

On the bright side my life will finally have some semblance of an order to it (aka I get to use my planner again).

So tomorrow starts the beginning of my college career as an upperclassman (when the heck did that happen?). Two years flew by (now if only high school had gone that fast…) and I came to the realization that my friends who are seniors are leaving me after May (cue major sadness).

But, of course, the upside to the fall: football season! I can’t wait to be back between the hedges cheering on the dogs. The days are early, long, and hot (until the middle of October) but they are well worth it. There is nothing truly like football season.

And now, including this year and possibly grad school, I have three left as a student here at UGA. Ugh. The weeks need to go fast and the weekends need to slow down. I’m not ready to be halfway to the real world yet.


p.s. here’s how I stayed updated on the news while all of this craziness went on:

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