16 hours, 56 oz of coffee, and 841 miles later…

We made it to Athens (just before midnight)!

My lord that was a long trip. Not to mention, I drove the whole way. First time actually driving the long car trip. I’m exhausted. 

On the bright side, we didn’t hit traffic until North Carolina and that only cost us 30-40 minutes (but the 20ft of guardrail that was missing? Praying for those cars that fell down the embankment).

Getting to North Carolina, however, that was a process. A process called the state of Virginia. I hate driving through Virginia. It NEVER ENDS. Almost 400 miles and 5 hours to get through the state that is “for lovers.” I really didn’t love Virginia today (Muppett Maps needs to be an option while driving through that state). 

But I got through it. And I wouldn’t have been able to without my Dad, aka my copilot, and those 56 oz of coffee. 

There were a few times when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it but having someone to talk to really helped. My advice, if you’re doing a long car trip for the first time, driving, have someone with you. I don’t know if I could have done it alone. 

As for the coffee, I really did have 56 oz today. 24 to start then two 16s. It was very much needed. That is the most amount of coffee I have ever consumed in a 24 hour period. I usually stick to 2 cups. I probably won’t have another 56 oz day for a while. 

So after 16 long hours, I have arrived in Athens. 

Tomorrow starts the process of moving into my new apartment. That includes unpacking my car, going to the storage unit (packing the car then unpacking it again at the apartment) probably multiple times, cleaning my room and bathroom (roommate has informed me that they were not attended to properly), and then setting the majority of it up. With no furniture. 

I get my dresser Monday, my mattress next week (hopefully), and my bed frame and desk the 2nd week of September. 

This year is starting out to be quite the whirlwind. 


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