Why is driving exhausting and I’m not even the one driving?

Maybe it’s the anticipation of getting there or maybe it’s the anticipation of gettin back. All I know is that I have been in way too much traffic this week. 

Seeing as I’m only home for 9 days (in total) both grandparents called dibs. 

Trip #1 to the Island of Long (aka Long Island): seriously the most annoying place to drive to. Ever.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, what month, what time of year, or what time of day. There is always traffic when trying to get to that freaking strip of land. 

It took 3.5 hours to get there and 3.5 hours to get back home Sunday. We spent more time in the car, in total, than we did at our destination. Maybe if people stopped looking at the beach and the kites, we would have moved a little faster. 

My Mom said that is the last time she’s driving out there unless someone dies (yes that’s morbid but for those of you who have not experienced that journey, I do not wish it upon you). 

My sister got that in writing by the way so we’re holding her to it. 

Now for trip #2: Denville, NJ. 

My grandmother lives 60 miles from us. That’s it. So that right should be an hour tops right? 


It was just our luck that a dump truck hit the side of the overpass on the turnpike today at 10:30 this morning. Traffic was still backed up this afternoon and tonight. It was a standstill (check out the link if you don’t believe me). 

People who worked in the city were told to leave their cars and take a ferry home. 

So what was supposed to be an hour trip took 2.5. The trip home was shorter, just shy of 2 hours. But, again, in the car longer than our actual destination. 

Back to my original point, why am I exhausted? My Mom was the one who did both trips both ways (kudos to her by the way). 

Maybe it’s the anticipation that I knew we were going to hit traffic and I would have to find a way to keep myself awake (I am notorious for falling asleep during car rides. Ask any of my friends) for 2+ hours. 

All I know is, I am driving to Georgia on Monday and I better find a way to keep my energy levels up (sadly no Wawa coffee exists where I’m headed 😢). Hopefully Mom has some tips because I’m going to need all the tricks I can. 

If you think about it, add up the hours I have spent in the car going to my grandparents, and I’m almost in Athens. Crazy huh? 



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