How do you “life” without a planner?

When I say “planner,” I don’t mean the calendar on your phone. 

I mean the spiral or bound little book with tabs for the months, a full calendar, and weekly write-ins that encompasses my entire life (did I metion its color coded?). 

I envy the people who can remember every single thing they have to do, not have to write it down, and never miss a thing. For those of you out there, give yourselves a pat on the back. 

As for me, and most of the people I know, we use a planner or an agenda (I’m a little more crazy about being organized than others that I will admit. But I rarely forget anything and I stay on top of my work so that’s what matters right?). 

For example, I am home for the next 8 days (well, technically less because today is almost over). I have many people to see, much to do, and I still have to pack!

The calendar on my phone is great but I can’t see everything ALL at once. I have to click on each individual day. And aince I’m a) not at school yet and b) not working this week, do you honestly expect me to know what day of the week it is?

The correct answer would be no. So to ensure I see the people I have made plans with in addition to completing the various tasks I have to do, I like to be able to cross off the days. By doing that I know I have gotten x, y, and z done. Now I just have to finish a, b, and c. 

And I don’t even think I could have survived the past two years of college without my planner. Literally it holds my life (for some people their life in in their phone, for me it’s a brightly colored spiral bound book). 

Between practices, work, due dates for projects, exams, and, of course, football games, I had to keep it all straight some how. 

Now I understand that people think writing down and crossing off things in this technological world is a waste of time. Those types of people can live with the calendar on their phone and computer. Kudos to them. But my planner doesn’t “die” on me in the middle of the day. Yours can (just saying). 

To be honest, I have always been like this. I was the kid who got excited about buying new school supplies (and I still do). Some people are more organized than others and some get by (personally that still baffles me). 

I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their life, but if you feel yours is in slight disarray and you find yourself much more stressed than you need to be, try a planner. 

Lilly comes in some awesome colors and of course Office Max has the more manly ones. 


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