Channeling my inner Jimmy Buffett

But the rain is NOT helping. 

On the bright side, I did make it on a jet ski and check out a place Tom Sawyer would be proud of. 

Think tree house meets mangrove cove. They call it shipwreck around here. Maybe if I get back here again, and the sun shines, I’ll be able to explore it more to his liking. 

Anyway, we made the day pass. Would I have preferred to spend it on a paddle board or on a tube being dragged by a boat? Yes. No doubt there. 

But that just means I’ll have to come back. 

I can understand why Mr Buffett is so enamoured with this part of the world. My cousins friend put it perfectly today, “The Keys doesn’t feel like Florida.” 

And she’s right, it doesn’t. It’s got much more charm, neon paint, and slower life style. I much prefer it to the hustle and bustle of Boca. 

Maybe the next time I venture down this way I’ll wander down to Key West. Check out Hemmingway’s (not a huge fan but I am a history buff so of course I have to go) and see if I can find somewhere there that has better key lime pie than my Mom’s (which I highly doubt).

So there is another trip here in my future but tomorrow happens first. Hopefully the sun will break some of the clouds and I’ll be able to see this island place in the sunshine (I have to say I have seen some of the craziest rain while here. Lightning lit up the room and a crack of thunder woke me up out of a dead sleep last night. I thought the house was hit). 

As for the rest of my night, I’m on island time. Still a couple of months off of it being 5 o’clock somewhere but that’s nothing ice cream can’t help. I hear they make it with liquid nitrogen here. 



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