When in distress, doodle

Or do whatever else helps you relieve stress.

Everyone has those days, or weeks, when they’re just put through the ringer. You’re drinking coffee at 5 in the afternoon to help you stay awake and focused. Nothing seems to be going your way.

My relief from this, is drawing.

I’ll openly admit I am no artist. I can’t see something in my head and magically make it come to life on the medium in front of me. But what I can do is adapt other works. I can “copy” pretty well. And copying is okay in my book. I’m not claiming it as my own, I’m only claiming it as my outlet.

There’s something about being able to focus on something so mundane as grey lines that makes my mind unwind. My thoughts don’t run to that last text conversation I just had, the stress knot in my stomach, or the exhaustion I might be facing.

My entire world, for however long it takes (and it can take hours. Especially if I decide to color the thing in or make it pretty enough to give to someone), is focused on recreating that image, to the best of my ability, on paper.

Those times when you feel the world is against you, you just want to hit something or scream as loud as you can. Unfortunately today my pillow was not readily available but paper and a pencil was.

Releasing anger and stress through physical exertion is great too. I always feel better after a good workout. But there’s those days when the fatigue is just too much. So instead of hitting the thing closest to you (which could hurt your hand or whatever is nearby), find that other outlet.

Find minute details to dwell on. Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together (literally if that’s your thing or metaphorically as I’m using it) will seem like the most important thing.

Your world is only as big as you make it. We have the amazing ability to make it as large or small as we please. Every so often we need to shrink our world to a manageable size. To the size of something we can hold in the palm of our hands. A size we can shape at our will.

Today my focus was on Minions. My cousins and I are obsessed. There are three main minions and there are three of us. Ironically each of them shares a portion of our personalities. I’m constantly falling asleep, my one cousin is the tallest who tries to keep me awake, and my other cousin is a dancer (Bob falls asleep, a lot. Kevin is the leader of the pack as well as the tallest. Stuart is the most inclined with the arts and loves to be center stage).

I’m hoping to refine my skills, eventually, so that if I decide to draw something from Star Wars (like one of the human characters) they don’t look completely terrible. Until that day I’ll stick with cartoons and animations. Their proportions are easier to figure out.



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  1. Amy Shay says:

    I loved your post. & I didn’t mean to stress you out .I love you


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