Sometimes you just have to eat the whole pint

I swear this is the first time that I have ever done that. But I had a bunch of good reasons.

  1. I was up before 6 am this morning
  2. I thought it was Thursday
  3. I worked a whole day of camp
  4. I spent five hours playing with two 1-year-olds

I’m exhausted, Ben and Jerry’s just sounded so good, and well, before you knew it. I was scraping the bottom.

I’m a big believer in “everything in moderation” but we all have our indulgence days. Heck, my babysitter (well, she’s not really my babysitter any more because she has her own kids so I guess she’s my friend now? Still wrapping my head around that one) said she was proud of me for finishing it. Safe to say it won’t happen again for a while though. One can only handle so many mass quantities of frozen goodness at one time.

I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is that, everyone gets stressed out or fed up. Just like everyone has different ways of making themselves relax.

In a situation that has me deal with 20+ children (in total) for 12 hours of my day, my choice is ice cream. And you can never go wrong with Half-Baked.

Truth be told I was really hoping to find my favorite flavor, “Everything But The” because it has peanut butter cups in it. But Walgreens had a limited selection and I was not one to be picky tonight.

Different situations call for different ways to relieve stress. Sometimes a good work out does the trick, other times a good movie, and then there’s the consumption of decadent calories.

Which society tends to frown upon as of yet.

Like I said earlier, though. everything in moderation. That goes both ways. No excess amount of anything is good (and that includes even the stuff that’s good for us). Treating yourself in moderation goes along the same principle.

Maybe you’ve been really good lately and then you see one of your favorite things. For example, a slightly larger than normal cupcake. When was the last time you let yourself have a cupcake? And didn’t you get all of those errands done, clean your room, and work out yesterday?

Don’t forget to treat yourself every once and a while. Otherwise, you’ll be the person looking forlornly at the dessert table. Because you know if you get one, you’ll end up getting half the table. But, if you remember to treat yourself every once and a while, you’re used to moderation. You’re able to be satisfied with one piece of dessert instead of five or more (I’m using numbers to make a point here people).

In the hectic, connected, technology crazed lives we lead, we forget to treat ourselves every once and a while.

So go get that new frappuccino with whipped cream that Starbucks is advertising, go out for a nice steak dinner, or be like me. Run out to your local drug store, grab a pint of Vermont’s finest (if that’s your poison), and dig it.

I’ll have you know, mine was delicious.



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