When life gives you storm clouds, dance in the rain

Which is exactly what I did tonight.

*Note: if it is thunder, lightning, and the sky is black save dancing for another day. Find shelter ASAP*

My theme this summer has just been to go with the flow and roll with the punches. If things come up, they come up. Some get cancelled and some are planned ahead of time. One that fell in the middle was tonight.

Down at Mizner’s, a Led Zeppelin tribute band was playing. My Uncle really wanted to go and my cousin and I figured why not. Unfortunately on the way there we saw a black wall heading toward us (Kind of like “Winter is Coming” but it was more like “The Black Wall is Coming”).

Before our appetizer hit the table, it was a major down pour outside. Before I know it, my Uncle is on the phone, saying my cousins’ name. He hangs up and goes “okay you guys are having a foot massage at 7:30.” Where the heck did that come from? Not that I was one to complain.

Although, I’m not really a massage person. I don’t like lying naked under a sheet on some bed with someone rubbing oil on me. Luckily this was nothing like it.

In ADDITION to our feet, my shoulders were dug into. It was fabulous. Who knew I had so many kinks to work out? (Most likely from some of our trouble children in camp -_-) After my shoulders were sufficiently pounded, it was time for the part we were actually told was going to happen.

Now I know some people get weirded out by feet so I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you’re on your feet all day or walk all the time, get a foot massage. So nice.

At that point the rain was still falling but not enough to get us drenched so we went to go find my Uncle. I can now say I have danced in the rain to Led Zeppelin.

Some people were huddled under umbrellas or the overhang, but I welcomed the rain. I can’t remember the last time that I had to where to be, listening to music, and not caring if my clothes and hair got wet. It felt even better than that massage.

There’s something about standing in the rain that’s just so freeing for your soul (I’m not going to get all spiritual on you, promise).

It’s like being a kid again. When you’re out playing with your friends and then your mom is calling at you to come in before you catch a cold.

It’s like when you’re in the middle of a soccer game and the skies open. The game just got so much more intense.

It’s a time when you can throw your arms out and spin around without a care in the world.

We need those moments every once a while. We need to take a break from that little lit screen that fits in our pocket and take advantage of something unplanned.

So take a weekend, a couple of days, or a whole summer and just go with what happens. Let the unexpected take over. The best times usually happen that way.



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