4 parks, 3 girls, 2, days, and 1 mouse

So it was really 3 days but there were three of us and technically we were only there for the weekend.

And what a weekend it was.

After arriving in Orlando Friday night, after working a FULL day a camp mind you, we headed into Magic Kingdom.


AHH! I was so excited. My friends said that what came out of my mouth wasn’t even English.

So obviously Snow White is my favorite princess. And can I tell you how disappointed I was in Disney? (The ride was awesome. By the way) She is seriously the most forgotten princess. Which BOGGLES my mind because she was the FIRST princess (1937) and Disney’s first feature-length film. Go figure. All I wanted was a Snow White Key chain or a Dopey doll but, alas, twas not meant to be.

After the mine train we got on Ariel’s grotto, literally walked on, then headed out to get something to eat and check into our hotel (which was all blue and white. So.cool.)

The next day we hit MGM (yes it’s Hollywood Studios but I don’t like change and I grew up saying it that way so that is the way I will continue to refer to it) and Epcot. Knocked out Tower of Terror and the Rockin’ Roller Coaster both before 11. New record I’d say.

They updated the STAR TOURS RIDE! (excuse me while I geek out). Pod racing, the Gunga City, and Naboo N-1 fighters! Then there was a build-your-own-lightsaber station but I had to control myself because I’m waiting to make one with my Dad (if that isn’t self restraint I don’t know what is).

Got on a few more rides then headed to Epcot.

You know, you really don’t appreciate Epcot as a kid. That is unless you’re a foodie or like other cultures. But now, as a 20 year old (who really is 5 on the inside), I appreciate it. I still have another 6 months before I can enjoy a margarita in Mexico but I still got some other things done.

Snow White’s wishing well in Germany, le glace en la France, and I got to watch lumberjacks log roll in Canada.

Of course there’s the futuristic part of it as well. Test track is cool and so is the aquarium but, eh. I’d rather just chill around the world.

Quick trip to Downtown Disney as well and then we called it a day. We got a lot done though.

Day 2: Magic Kingdom. Again.

Went on Space Mountain for the second time, the Haunted Mansion, finally got to see Fantasyland during the day, quick lunch, the Animal Kingdom.

You know, Animal Kingdom is severely underrated. It’s literally a jungle and the food options there are much better than those of some of the other parks. The architecture is amazing and not to mention, Expedition Everest.

That is honestly one of the coolest roller coasters I have ever been on. Not to mention, the waiting area is actually interesting. There are artifacts, paintings, etc. Makes waiting much less painful.

So after our 4th and final park, we headed back to Delray.

After going as an “adult” for the first time, I’ve realized a few things.

  • Single rider > than riding with your friends/family. It’s less wait time
  • Food starts at 10 (that’s the cheapest meal you can get)
  • Water bottles are a must (and cheaper than buying them)
  • Use a backpack or wear something with pockets
  • Eat a bigger lunch than a dinner (it’s cheaper)
  • Nothing feels better at the end of the day than a shower
  • Wear comfortable, close toed, shoes that don’t fall off
  • And remember, it’s okay to act like a kid again 🙂

Long story short, it was a long, fun, weekend and waking up this morning was rough. Dealing with 30 kids was even more rough. But we rise and rally.

Personally I can’t wait to go back (honestly I might go back in March). Although, if I do, I’m making my own Minnie ears. I want a Snow White pair and obviously they do not exist.


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