I’m worried about My Generation

Seriously, I am. When did everything become so automatic?

Technology is a beautiful and useful thing, but I’m scared of the affects it’s going to have on kids my age, slightly older, and much younger.

For example, today, some of the kids at camp have never used a PUSH POP before! They know what the word “downloading” means at 5 but don’t know how to use a push pop?? Come on!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “My kids are getting coloring books, not iPads.”

Too many times I have seen kids glued to the screen then having a fit when it’s taken away from them. There was no such thing as “iPad time” 10 years ago and most of us turned out alright.

Cellphones, however, are a different monster entirely.

Do I spend too much time on mine? Probably. But I know when to put mine down.

It’s sad for me to say that I have been to lunch or dinner with a group of friends and all of them will be looking at that little screen. When I’m out to eat with anyone, I make a point to not answer my phone, that way my attention is focused on the person and the conversation we’re (supposed to be) having.

Teens and young adults now a days seem to think that their entire life revolves around a tiny illuminated screen. Not to mention, phones die. Not only are you a slave to technology but you’re bound to being places that have outlets.

Last time I checked, you shouldn’t have to keep something charged in order to have a good time. Who cares if it wasn’t on Instagram or Snapchat? Maybe some memories you should keep for yourself. Or get an old camera that runs on batteries or film, and take a picture that you can physically touch when it’s taken.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I’m able to hold something, it’s more real.

I can’t hold the books that I have on my kindle. That’s because if my kindle dies, they’re gone until I can find an outlet.

I can’t hold the 2,000 pictures that are on my phone because they’re just colors on a screen (unless I put them on a flash drive and go to Walgreens but most people are too lazy now a days to do that).

can hold the books on my book shelf and I can flip to my book mark in seconds.

can find that picture from Summer 2010 when I was at the beach with a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years in my physical photo album.

These are things I want to be able to teach my kids to do and hope they have the opportunity to do as well.

I sincerely hope that most of the things I have grown up with, my parents grew up with, and even some of the things my grandparents grew up with are around when I have kids one day.

Their lives should be more than just an illuminated screen.



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  1. Amy Shay says:

    I love this


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