You Can’t Beat Homemade

Living at the Jersey Shore, I’ve been fortunate to grow up exposed to many different things.

I’m less than 2 hours from the city that never sleeps, we have the best Italian around, I’m 10-15 minutes from the beach (depending on how many bennies are out and what time of year it is), and I grew up eating homemade ice cream.

Well, not homemade by me, but by other places within a 5 mile radius.

With a few choices to pick from for ice cream, besides going to the grocery store, I though other places were like this too. It wasn’t until I went to college last year that this perception changed.

I was talking with one of my friends and some how the topic of ice cream came up. She asked me where I went to get ice cream when I was at home. I rattled off three or four places and her jaw dropped.

“You have homemade ice cream where you live??”


“Wow, we only have Dairy Queen.”

At that point my jaw dropped. Only Dairy Queen? I don’t think I started going to Dairy Queen until I was old enough to drive (Mostly because my parents though it tasted like “Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea,” so we would always go to local places).

So, whenever I’m home, my sister and I always, without fail, make a Hoffman’s run. I’ve probably mentioned this place in other posts, but that’s because it truly is the best.

I’ve been there when it’s 90 degrees and I’ve been there when it’s 20 degrees (hey, you can only get their pumpkin pie flavor in the Fall and it is BANGIN). I’ve walked in and walked out and I’ve waited almost an hour. It truly is that good.

And I give the kids who work their props. I’ve worked in an ice cream place before, it gets hectic. (And we only served ONE hard scooped flavor until 5. They serve at least 20) And the bennies do not make it any easier (one came out of the EXIT today, as I was pulling in. She gave me the “WTF” look and I gave her the “Well where do you want me to go??” look. She was the one who ended up moving out of the way). I told my dad today driving at home during the summer will probably make me go grey prematurely.

Anyway, back to ice cream. I hope that where ever I end up living, there’s a locally owned, homemade ice cream place. That way my kids don’t grow accustomed to the mass produced or store bought stuff. It honestly isn’t the same.

Not to mention, homemade places are able to do “funky flavors.” For example, my personal local favorite, is Jersey Monkey. It’s banana ice cream, peanut butter swirls, and chocolate chips. You can only get that here. You won’t find it at any supermarket or Dairy Queen.

Also, I have never had a better mint chocolate chip than the one Hoffman’s makes. And you can hold me to that.

So for those of you reading this who have never been to a local or homemade ice cream place, open up a new browser, and see what’s closest to you. I promise you, it’s worth it (especially this time of year).


One thought on “You Can’t Beat Homemade

  1. John says:

    I agree! You have to visit us in Ohio. We have two homwmade ice cream shops in Bellevue. Cold Rush to the west and Millers to the east.


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