Lazy Beach Days

To me, are few better things than spending the day on the beach.

Disclaimer: My family and I are NOT lake people. I’ll go tubing, but that’s about it. We have this thing about stagnant water, it just weirds us out.

On the other hand, I love pools. It’s nice to have the option to run to the house quickly, but it’s not the same. There’s something about the ocean that just gets to me.

I literally am able to spend an entire day on the beach. Today I got a late start (I was there by 12. Usually I’m there between 10-11) but made it up in the end. We didn’t leave until 5:07. It was just too pretty to leave.

In the Shay family, there are variations as to how we beach. That all depends on how many of us are going.

If it’s just me and my sister, or me and a friend, not much is needed. One bottle of sunscreen, a towel, a good book, and some money for lunch.

If my Mom is coming with us, add in a cooler with sandwiches and a beach chair for her. I’m quite partial to laying on a towel.

Now, if the whole clan decides to beach it for the day, there are many steps.

First, we pick up coffee (always important), sometimes breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch. Most times it’s Wawa (I heart Wawa) but on occasion it’s Bagel’s International. Then we embark toward the beach.

Mom drops the three of us off while we go find a spot to sit. It takes the three of us to get down there because we have additional baggage.

My Dad is in charge of the cart (which holds: towels, the sunscreen bag, chairs, an umbrella, and the cooler). Alex and I rotate between the sunscreen bag and the cooler, depending on how much we’ve packed, in addition to our own beach bags.

After securing a prime spot, close to the ocean but in eye sight of the bathroom, one of us runs a badge up to Mom and the relaxation begins.

I tend to go back and forth between reading, a light snooze, and hanging out in the water. On days when even the cool sand is hot, those are the days that I spend all day in the water. When I was younger I used a boogie board to entertain me, now I stick to body boarding (it’s a work in progress).

My favorite thing to do is go for walks on the beach. Either toward Spring Lake or toward the jetty. On good days, I find some sea glass or a cool shell that’s not totally in pieces. I like to think of it as getting a “workout” in (because you burn more calories walking on the sand then you do on land) because I usually do at least a mile. That counter balances sleeping for the better part of the day.

Sadly, today was my first true lazy beach day. Hopefully I get in another tomorrow and a few more before I leave for school (my friends in So Flo think it’s too hot to go the beach sometimes).



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