Oh Patience, we meet again.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have no patience. I strongly dislike waiting, waiting around, and especially waiting on those who are late.

Long story short, patience and I have a tumultuous relationship and we’re on a permanent break.

Though it decided to rear it’s ugly head these past 48 hours in the worst way: when flying.

I would rather drive than take a plane any day, but driving 24 hours was not in the question this time around. So I was booked on a flight out of West Palm.


I was on time right up until I left for the airport yesterday. My Mom called me from Jersey, my plane was still in Newark (yes that’s a different place from New York for those of you who aren’t from around here). On the tarmac. With mechanical issues.

The lady at the United desk was zero help and once I made it through security there was no one at the gate I could talk to either. So after hearing my flight was delayed from 7 until 9, and the odds not looking good, I decided to cut my losses and fly out the next day at 6 am (aka this morning).

So my alarm went off at 3:45 this morning. That was a tough alarm to set. And it just gets better.

I check my email and what do you know, I’m delayed. AGAIN.

I have always been told that the 6 am flights are the most reliable of the day (meaning not a lot of delays and cancelations) because it’s the FIRST flight of the day. But what do you know. Mine was delayed TWO HOURS.

So my butt was at the airport at 4:30 this morning. I didn’t board until 7:50. That was a fun three hours. Who knew airport seats and a duffle bag could make a makeshift bed?

Finally, I boarded the damn plane. And wouldn’t you know, we had to sit around on the tarmac for an additional 20 minutes (After the plane was filled boarded) to comply with some sort of legal thing with the crew (did I mention the crew was the whole reason we were delayed? Those flight attendants were not my favorite people this morning. But I liked the pilot. He was the one who got me home).

On the bright side, we didn’t hit any turbulence.

When we landed, the patience god must have been smiling down on me, after everything he put me through, because today was the fastest I have ever gotten off of a plane (I have seriously sat there for almost a half hour at the gate after landing).

But I’m home now for the rest of the week and can relax. Patience and I still have some issues to work through but it isn’t making the situation any easier. I’ve been thinking about couples therapy but I think a psychiatrist would end up admitting me if I actually did that.



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