And I thought Jersey drivers were bad…

Let me start off by saying New Jersey has some of the worst drivers I have ever seen (I fall into said category every so often) and it’s even worse in the summer.


Some of the things I have seen FLORIDA drivers do this past month have blown my mind.

For example, today: My cousin and I were heading home from work. The light ahead of us is red so, naturally, we start to slow to a stop. The car on our right, decides not to. The light is STILL red and it continues to cruise over the white line. Luckily right at that moment, the light turned green. I still think he would have kept going even if the light didn’t turn.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen an example of nearly going through a red light. The other day when we were stopped, the car next to us starts inching over the line. He was in the middle lane but it was a left turn only. Although I didn’t know where he thought he was going. That is unless he felt like dodging four lanes of traffic from the other direction.

I’m beginning to feel like red lights are more of a suggestion here than a statement.

BUT! The thing that IRKS me the most, and yes this annoys the living piss out of me at home too, is when people neglect to use their SIGNALS.

I just don’t understand it. It’s a misdemeanor anyway! If you fail to signal, and there’s a cop near by, you will get pulled over (My Mom got stopped for failing to signal at a stop sign that was a right turn ONLY. So yes it happens).

Florida drivers are their own special breed though. They just DON’T signal! I do not understand it.

Every weekday, whether I am with my cousin or my aunt, we take 95 to work. Now, 95 is not your local two-lane road obviously. Especially when we leave (which are both at peak rush hour times).

I will be sitting there, watching the cars passing by, and then I see it. Someone in the right lane just starts drifting. He goes to the middle, the left, and sometimes even the HOV. No signal the entire time. And when people exit? They just drift along there as well. How is that legal?? (I mentioned it to my friends boyfriend, who is a cop, and he just made a face and turned his face the other way. Obviously the cops aren’t big fans of this “policy” that there is in the Sunshine State)

There are turn signals in cars people! Use them!

I know I am ranting about other people’s driving behaviors when I am not the best driver myself, but I try to always be safe. Not stopping at red lights and failing to signal is dangerous. For the person driving and those around them.

So Floridans, please be a little more careful. If they didn’t want us to signal or stop, cars  wouldn’t have brakes or indicators.



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