Avocados: one of the most versatile foods. Ever.

I know this seems like a random topic, but avocados have popped up in my life for the past two days so I figured it was a sign for me to write about it.

It started yesterday at lunch when they had guacamole at the salad bar. Luckily the school didn’t make it otherwise it wouldn’t have been edible (it tasted like the wholly guacamole kind I get at Costco so I knew it was safe).

Then, later that day at pick-up, of my campers came up to me and asked, “Do avocados grow on trees?” Honestly I didn’t know nor do I know, at the time, where the idea came from. So thank god for Google and sure enough they do. She then pointed to one of the trees near the pick-up line. Sure enough, it was an avocado tree.

So, today, I decided to try one. After getting permission, hopefully I don’t get fired (there are video cameras everywhere), I decided to pick one. After a failed attempt by me, then my cousin, trying to grab one via some cheerleading lift thing, my cousin was able to jump up and grab one.

It’s not a huge one but it’s not too small either. The most odd thing about it is the skin. Unlike the haas avocados like the ones in the grocery store it’s smooth and shiny. Maybe that has something to do with all of the pesticides the school uses? Maybe, maybe not. I just hope it looks normal when it’s ripe enough to cut into (hard as a rock at the moment).

Keeping with the theme of guac, I had some tonight. My friend and I went to Roco’s Taco’s. If any of you are in Florida (its’ the only place I know that has them, it’s a chain) check it out. It’s delicious. They make the guac (mild, medium, or spicy) right at your table. It’s pretty cool.

Guac aside, you can do a lot with avocados. I’ve even seen a fried egg in one.

One of my favorite things to do with it is make chicken salad. I like to do that because I’m not the biggest fan of mayo. So if I have leftover grilled chicken, I can throw it together rather quickly. Or, if you want to make it in “bulk” save the pit and it usually keeps for a day or so.

Here’s my recipe if anyone is interested:

  • 1 ripe avocado (if part of it is browned use a second)
  • 1 grilled chicken breast (shredded and cooled)
  • a handful of crasins
  • a handful of pecans
  • chopped carrots
  • a little bit of celery (I’m not the biggest fan of it)
  • And as much salt, pepper, and paprika (it sounds weird but it’s good) as you like
  • Mix all together and serve cold

It’s nothing fancy but it packs well (I ate that a lot at work this year during school), fills you up, and tastes great on its own, as a sandwich, or on pretzels (like the little square ones with the wholes in them).

Now I only mentioned 2 ways to use avocados. There are hundreds more that I probably can’t even think of. I mean there are very few foods (besides bread, milk, and cheese) that can be used in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



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