It’s been a long, fun 48 hours

To start, I am currently running on 3 hours of sleep. I made it to work, was there all day, and even swam laps after. I don’t know how I’m still awake.

The reason I only accumulated 3 hours of sleep last night, well really this morning, was because my friends and I decided to have a good time last night.

Yesterday was my friends 20th birthday, so a bunch of us coaches decided to go out and celebrate. We didn’t break any rules because since most of us aren’t 21 yet, we went to an 18 and over bar (thanks for the morals mom). But seriously we had a blast.

Our adventure took place at a bar called Cowboy Saloon. Okay, this place is in a STRIP MALL. It’s between a Hobby Lobby and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Yeah. A bar. If you were just passing it by you would think it’s a western inspired restaurant.

(Luckily my friend had a spare pair of cowboy boots, I left mine at school because I didn’t think I would need them in South Florida of all places, so I felt right at home)

I think I left the dance floor collectively for 30 minutes the entire time we were there. I learned how to line dance! Finally. My mom thought it was hilarious that even though I go to school in Georgia, I had to go to South Florida to learn how to line dance (mind you I have been to Nashville as well). So glad I did. I can do one whole dance without looking at the floor (you know to watch people who actually know what they’re doing) and a couple others. Though for most of them I’m looking at the boots around me or my friend dragged me in the correct direction of the line.

So I stepped and danced my little heart out until 3:15 am this morning. We left about 10 minutes later. We got to the bar around 10:30-11ish. Very few things keep my attention for 5 hours straight. This place did a hell of a job. Personally I would have stayed until closing, which was at 4, but my friends boyfriend had been asking for almost an hour to leave (he doesn’t party much and I think we humored us a little more than he would have because it was my friend’s birthday. He was a good sport about it though. Gotta give him props for that).

After dropping the birthday boy at home, I made it back to my friends couch for a well deserved 3 hour “nap” (because 3 hours is not sleep. It’s an extended nap).

Oh 7:15 was cruel this morning. But we got up and got our tired butts to work.

Some how we all made it through the day. Two (or more) swim lessons, multiple activities, diving, and pick up (that is the most stressful and chaotic pick up I have ever experienced).

Some of us didn’t even leave until 5 (Luckily our boss, who’s also my Aunt [coolest boss ever by the way] let us take a little snooze while the kids were watching a movie. Don’t worry, we had the equivalent of CITs watching them. And those naps were very much needed).

Then, after all of that, I had the bright idea to swim a 1,000 meters or so as my work out. I’m at the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Thank god tomorrow is Friday.

Now, would I do it all over again? Absolutely! Our bodies can only handle days like this for so long. And I never really go out on school nights during school so I have some major making up to do.

And everyone I went with wants to do it again too (at least I hope they do :D). Maybe next time we’ll go Thursday that way we only have one day of work to worry about and no lessons (Friday’s are fun days. Tomorrow’s theme is beach party).

Long story short, in the past 48 hours I was up for almost 24 of them straight, I learned how to line dance, and did two days of camp (one of which I was fueled by 3 hours of rest).

This summer is shaping up to be pretty amazing.



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