Literally a kid in the Candy Store

So the other night, after dinner, my cousin and I were walking around and we stumbled across “It’s Sugar.”

Even if you’re not a candy person, you probably could be after coming into this place (FYI it’s a chain. I have one by me but it is MUCH smaller). They have almost everything. Chocolate covered raisins, almonds, oeros, and gummy bears. Yes, gummy bears.

Speaking of them, they also have giant ones. the biggest one there had to stand over a foot tall. Why anyone needs a gummy bear that size is beyond me.

On the topic of oversized candy, that’s probably my favorite part of the store. Giant sized candy. The picture above is only a few of the ones they have in the store. The green box of sour gummy worms are my favorite. Anything gummy or sour if it’s not chocolate. That’s how I roll.

Aside from the giant sized candy and chocolate covered novelties, they have so much more.

There were candles that smelled like skittles, jolly ranchers, and hershey’s kisses, jolly rancher pillows, they even had tee-shirts.

Some of the gifts were cute, like the BYOB “beer” can filled with gummy bears (BYOB – bring your own bears) , but some took it a little too far. Like the gum “Camel Balls” filled with a sour center. Funny for some people but just a little too much for me.

Going in there made me feel little(er) again. Probably because most of the candy was much larger than the regular size. I think going to a candy store or something nostalgic of that nature can make anyone feel like a kid again. And that’s a good thing.

Personally, I think we all have a little bit of Peter Pan in us. And we should. If we completely let go of our childhood, we lose a connection with part of the population. Not everyone is an adult and you’re not always going to be interacting with them. Especially if you want to have kids or work with them.

If I didn’t act like a kid every now and then, or want to, I would have already gone crazy at swim camp this week. You have to remember what it’s like to be on their level. Literally and figuratively (even though my friends call me smurf, tiny, midget, small one, etc. I’m still taller than them!).

So the next time you pass a candy store, or an ice cream shop, go on in. Buy yourself a piece or a scoop of childhood and remember what it was like to be a kid. When your biggest worry was whether the rain was going to wash away your chalk drawing or if you were found first in hide-and-go-seek.

We only truly get to be kids for such a short time and even though we, or you, have grown older, that doesn’t mean we still aren’t kids at heart.

Look at me, I’m 20 years old and I act like I’m 5 and a half as much as I can.



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