SECs have nothing on the Summer Solstice

I worked the 2014 SEC Championship Swim meet my freshman year of college. It was a week long and every school in the conference was there. After taking part in that, I thought everything else would be child’s play/ I was so wrong.

The Summer Solstice is a meet that the swim camp I’m working at this summer hosts. It’s a 3-day meet. I thought a week was long, these past three days were totally longer.

I told my cousin I would rather work SECs every weekend than another one of these meets this summer. It sounds pathetic and whiney but it’s true. It was fun, but we’re all ready for a break.

Now don’t get me wrong, SECs are their own can of worms. You have at least a 20 person team coming from every school and members of their family travel along with them. It’s loud, it’s noisy, you can be there until 11 at night, and then finals at the end of it all. But you know what the best part is? The parents are CONTAINED. Literally they are not allowed to leave the stands. I love metal barriers.

The parents at this meet, not so much.

Being in college, you tend to forget that their are those parents who do EVERYTHING for their kids and it’s all “my kid, my kid.” I was thoroughly reminded of that these past few days.

Even though we put up signs which explicitly said “No Parents beyond this point,” they didn’t seem to care. Maybe they’ve started calling themselves something besides “parents” now a days and think it doesn’t apply to them. Who knows, I heard a kid say “twinsies” this weekend. Anything is possible.

Anyway, so these “parents,” for lack of another term, were everywhere. On the side of the pool, near the timers, coming up to the start table, and for the love of god would not move when I had to post results. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to move through a crowd of children while trying not to trip over most of them, with papers in hand, and then push through a 1,000 some odd stagnant parents? I was going to scream during the 50 meters.

Crazy adults aside, we had a lot of fun. We laughed, almost cried, and got very crafty when we had to. The skies decided to open up for 15 minutes today so in order to keep the computers from getting wet, we had to get our McGiver on with some side tarp to keep them from getting wet. Hey, it worked.

So three days, two trips to Costco, and one very successful swim meet later, we’re all exhausted. I have to credit my aunt. She makes this stuff look easy. Not only did she facilitate the meet, but she also had kids she coached in it. If I’m able to run a similar sporting event with maybe half as many kids (there were 407ish total signed up), I would consider myself a success.

On slightly different note, camp starts tomorrow. I’ll be back there rip, roaring, and ready to go at 7:45 am, again, with pretty much everyone who was there these past few days. But my cousin said if we survived this, camp will be a breeze. Hopefully she’s right.



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