“Work” for the next few months

Nice view huh?

I survived my first, nearly all day, summer swim meet today. Safe to say we packed A LOT into one day.

To start, I didn’t realize how much goes into hosting a meet. And this meet still has another two days before it’s over (My cousin and I have to be there at 8 and my Aunt has to be there at 6:30 AM tomorrow). It starts with a trip to Costco (or Sam’s Club. Pick your poison).

That truck was PACKED. I honestly think I saw it sink a bit with how much water, Gatorade, snacks, etc. we packed into it. But the moment of the day was when the nectarines, the only food item not packaged up, fell. I drove across a sea of water bottles to collect them and then found the apples had escaped their packaging as well. It was a fruit-a-lanche. Unfortunately my cousin didn’t record it and fortunately we didn’t pass a cop along the way.

After getting to the school there was the process of unloading the grocery store we had just purchased and finding a place for everything.

Did I mention that in between taping table clothes and getting our workouts for the day, we found time to set up camp stuff too? Well, we did. Movies are organized and the projector works (which for any of you who worked at summer camp knows is VERY important).

Brit, my cousin, and I got time for a quick bite to eat then it was back to the school for a counselor meeting (camp starts Monday). Once we got our tee-shirts, had the tour, and questions were answered, we had a little time to relax while setting up the concession stand. I met some new people then it was finally time for the meet.

Now I’m used to high school or college meets. They go by very fast and the scores are posted even faster. Well, when you’re working a meet that is mainly kids under 15, it takes awhile. Especially when it’s the long distance events. Two heats were 20 minutes each. I’m so thankful my Aunt ordered pizza (which for Florida was not bad. Blows Papa Johns and Dominos out of the water that’s for sure).

When all was said and done, we left just after 7:30. Not too bad. So we all decided to end the night with a game of mini-golf.

Disclaimer: I suck at all forms of golf. Even though I got the ONLY hole-in-one of the night I finished with the highest score of 57. But I had fun and that’s what really matters. Tonight we did the Everglades course, we still have the Ocean course to do. Hopefully I will be able to redeem myself this summer.

Tomorrow marks day 2 of the 3-day meet. Supposedly tomorrow is the “long” day so I’m opting for sneakers with support and a dry-fit UGA hat (even though I’m in Gator territory someone needs to represent the Dawgs). On the bright side, two of my three meals are provided there tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even get to work on my nonexistent tan as well.



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