Hello from the Land of Orange Juice

After being delayed for nearly an hour I finally landed in West Palm Beach yesterday. My cousins kept themselves busy by making dub videos. They’re hysterical.

For those of you who don’t know I’m spending the summer here working at a swim camp. I got my first taste of it today.

Let me start off by saying that the school that runs this camp, oh em gee. Seriously though. For those of you who watched “Zoey 101” think of that kind of space with more open air buildings that have multiple floors and huge common, outdoor areas. This is a K-12 much like my school was, but this school blows mine out of the water. They have a DOMED building. I thought those only existed at college…

Anyway, sadly the weather has not been the greatest. The sun has peaked in and out, the temperature is nice (unless you don’t like the humidity like my sister), but thunderstorms loomed in the background. There went the beach or bike ride idea. So my cousin’s and I just chilled.

One of them has just started “Revenge” and it’s killing me not to make comments because she’s only on season one or two and I know what happens. This is why I can’t watch TV series with people who haven’t seen them. I get too anxious.

Work officially starts Monday. According to my aunt there’s only 20-30 kids in the ENITRE camp each week! At a previous camp I worked at I could have anywhere from 15-20 girls a DAY and that was only with one other counselor to help me. Oh my sister and I had a blast this summer. So from what I’ve gathered this is more of a giant group effort with a bunch of counselors. Compared to the other camp I worked at, this should be a little less stressful.

I’m excited to start and meet new people. My one cousin who’s a swimmer knows some of them so knowing someone on the inside already always helps. That and I’ve been told I can walk up and talk to any one so I’m not really worried.

As for the next few days, they’re a little more planned. Tomorrow I’m going to see New Kids on the Block. I have never seen them before but if I can still belt out Backstreet Boys lyrics with confidence at 20, I’m sure I’ll have a blast. As for the weekend, I’m working my first 3-day swim meet since SECs last year. I’m sure it won’t be anywhere near as hectic but you never know. Sometimes sports moms, i.e., soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse, get a little too worked up. Most of the swimming moms I know are very level headed but then again, I only know like three really well.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds in store for me. Yes it will be weird not parking my butt on Sea Watch beach in Manasquan every chance I get but! I will be able to do that for a whole WEEK (weather dependent) the last week June. So here’s to  the Florida Edition.


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