So Alex graduates tomorrow…

That little bugger on the left is almost 18 and she’s DONE with high school tomorrow (I know she looks like a boy but that’s because she didn’t grow hair until she was like 4).

Most of the time I don’t believe it and half the time I don’t want to. Alex is my LITTLE sister and now she’s taller than me. Oh she was beaming the day that happened.

I honestly still think she’s 12. I mean, I feel like I just started college (even thought I’m half way done. Ugh I feel old) and now she’s about to head there too! Where she is going will not be named because I don’t speak of such profanities (safe to say we’re rivals now).

I am truly happy for her and I hope she finds as much happiness at her school as I have at mine. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else but UGA and even though she won’t be there with me 😦 I hope she loves where she’s going too.

For those of you who don’t know my sister, she’s, well, she’s hard to explain. When she’s on she’s on. Meaning that when you catch her in a good mood, she’s one of the funniest people alive. Though if you don’t like dry, sarcastic humor, that’s your loss.

Important piece of advice, if she hasn’t had coffee yet, I would refrain from trying to have a conversation. For your sake and hers, let her have her coffee (this is something she learned from my Mom so blame Amy for that one).

Also, she’s a loyal friend. She will fight tooth and nail for those she cares about. So those who are on the flip side of that, aka people who piss her off, watch out. She can get very nasty when she wants to.

Growing up, well, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We probably didn’t start to get along, on a consistent basis, until I was a sophomore in high school. We still fight, every now and then, like good siblings do, but I would do anything for her. So if she calls me in the middle of the night in the fall you best bet I will be making that 3 hour drive at whatever time it is. She’s still my baby sister and I’ll kick anyone’s ass who tries to hurt her.

I know she’s independent and can stand up for herself but sometimes you need your big sister every once and a while. So Alex, if you decide to read this, I hope you know how proud I am of you and even though you drive me up the wall sometimes, I couldn’t imagine you not being my sister. I would have no one else to complain about people with on the holidays (we’re the only grandkids on both sides. It gets a little rough sometimes).

Pictures of graduation are to come. She looked stunning at prom but I’m sure tomorrow will blow most of those pictures out of the water.


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