Sorry WaHo, diners are still my top late night choice

For those of you who don’t know what WaHo stands for, I didn’t until I went to UGA, it’s short for Waffle House. Which don’t exist north of Virginia. We have IHOP up here, which I think is gross, but we do have diners.

I’ve come to realize that diners are not as plentiful in other states as they are in New Jersey. Apparently we’re the diner capital of the US or something else to that effect. Regardless, I’m glad I was able to grow up with them.

Where else can you get a turkey club at 10 pm on a Monday night? Or bacon and eggs at 3 am on a Saturday? Fast food is not the best choice and most everything else is closed. When in doubt, diner.

Honestly, you can get pretty much anything at a diner. Except pizza, anything Asian, or Indian. Everything else is fair game. Greek, Mexican, and of course the classics.

Two of my favorite diners from around here are the Princess Maria in Wall (which I call the blue diner) and the Americana in Shrewsbery (which has been called the shiny diner by my friends). Both are delicious. For me, it just depends on what area I’m in, I’ll go to both any day.

Pictured above is what was left of my bowl of matzoh ball soup courtesy of the Americana. A diner classic. Matzoh ball soup is probably one of my favorite soups ever. Hand to God my grandma makes the best. I haven’t had one better than hers. But I missed Passover this year and I didn’t get any, so “No Soup For Me!” (seriously if you haven’t seen this episode, or show rather, find it online. It’s hysterical)

Another one of my all time favorite things to get at a diner, no matter what time it is, are pancakes. Every diner I have been to they are light, fluffy, and delicious. I know it’s not Bisquick because that’s what my Dad uses and they’re way more dense. So unless I decide to work at or own a diner, it will remain a delicious mystery. And I’m okay with that.

Diners, to me, are more personal than most late night places. If you go to a pizza place that’s open late, it’s usually a bar as well. It’s noisy, most people are drunk, and the food can take forever. Whereas with a diner, it’s very different. It’s usually very quiet, just some causal conversation. Not too many drunks, depending on where you are, and the food comes out at a decent time.

After prom and most sweet 16’s my sister, or my friends and I, would go to a diner. We would sit there, all dressed up, eating, pancakes while gossiping about the nights’ events. It would be quiet as well as a chance for us all to sit together. Diners always give me a sense of togetherness.

Safe to say I wish Georgia had a diner or two, more specifically in Athens. Although Waffle House has a special place in my heart (especially the hash browns. Yum), diners are still my number one go to.

Most of my friends from school haven’t been to a real diner. I couldn’t believe it. They need to get themselves up here so I can show them what they’re missing.


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