Coming Full Circle

Pictured: The Girls picture at Senior Pre-Prom circa 2013

Last night my sister had her senior prom. And the only thing weirder than me being done with college is that she’s graduating high school. The pre-prom took place at her friends house whose sister graduated with me. We weren’t the only ones of our class at the party. A handful of my previous classmates were there as well. The majority of us had younger siblings who were there. Most of whom will be graduating next Friday and heading to college in the fall.

Some of my friends who were there took their own senior prom pictures in my friends backyard just two years ago. I was at a different pre-prom that year so I wasn’t as “weirded out” as they were. Regardless, we felt a little odd. We were already two years out of high school. Now I have to clarify a bit.

My school is a beginners through 12. Save a few, I had known all of the people I was with last night since I was 5 years old. We grew up together, we vacationed together, we saw each other almost everyday for 14 years. Having us all be back together and not be in high school, it still doesn’t feel right.

I’ve said more times than I can count, “I feel like I’m still a sophomore in high school who’s dreaming and I’ll wake up to remember I have an APUSH (AP US History) test that day.”  College does feel like a dream most of the time. It has gone by way too fast and high school seemed to drag on sometimes. Being back with some of the people I went to high school made me feel like we hadn’t graduated yet. Like we all had a couple of more AP’s and capstones to finish off. And I have to say, I haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

My friend, whom we lovingly refer to as “the Lord” knows how to run a prom photo. When it was time for all of the couples to line up he had them moving to where they needed to be. There were some stragglers but he got everyone into place and the photo turned out great (I’m not allowed to post any photos on social media until my sister gives me the ‘okay’ which is why there is a photo of my prom and not hers). Safe to say my friends and I were holding our sides. I haven’t found anyone quite like him while at college. He’s a great guy.

Once the festivities were over, I said good bye to my fellow Panthers and headed out with Kat and Vee. Vee flies back out to Cali on Sunday (even though I am firmly against it) for the rest of the summer. Kat and I are trying to get as much quality Vee time as we can. So we did the usual dinner in Red Bank (Sogo. So good) and went to the movies. The three of us attempted to see “Pitch Perfect 2” but all of the shows were sold-out until 11. We settled on “Hot Pursuit” instead which was a great second choice. It’s hilarious. Total chick movie.

So I decided to call this “Coming Full Circle” because we have. We had our prom moment and now our siblings have. To be honest I thought my sister would stay 12 forever. But now she’s taller than me and she’s gorgeous and I can’t help but be a little jealous sometimes. I’m very proud of her and all of her friends that I’ve known for so long. They’re going places and I don’t just mean college. signature

p.s. So many of the girls wore black dresses last night. Since when are brightly colored dresses not “in” for prom? I was very surprised.


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