Dear Mom,

How many times can I say “thank you” for being there for me? For all of the times growing up and even now. I wouldn’t have been able to get where I am without you behind me.

I am so grateful that we have the relationship that we do. I know some of the people we know, their relationships with their children aren’t like ours. I couldn’t imagine not speaking to you everyday just to say hi or be caught up on the latest gossip at home.

Back at school, I would look forward to the days I would be home. Walking on the boardwalk, looking for shells, and grocery shopping. Only you understand my uncanny fascination with grocery shopping.

Most people don’t believe it when I say I talk to my Mom everyday because I want to. But I do. It’s really weird if I don’t talk to you all day. Like the universe is partially thrown off or something. Sometimes I have to try THREE different numbers to reach you, but I always get hold of you somehow.

Going to school almost 900 miles away is hard. But it makes coming home and seeing you (and Dad and Alex) all the more special when I’m able to. I sincerely hope you and Dad move South soon because Newark is a pain and a half. I’m sure Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm are much easier to deal with.

There is no one else I can watch Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and House of Cards all in the same day. Who else would trek all the way out to Marietta with me to see the “Gone With the Wind” movie museum, go to a street fair, a rodeo, and still be up for more?

Many of my friends say “you have a cool mom,” and they’re right. I do have a cool mom. I have a mom who tweets “pithy things” on twitter, a mom who I share a chocolate and coffee addiction with, a mom who will go to the movies twice in one day, a mom who lets me cook even though I always burn the couscous, a mom who will go to the beach in any weather with me, and a mom who loves me as much as I love her.

I hope that when I have children, my relationship with them is as good as ours is. I can’t imagine not being in their lives just like I can’t imagine you not being in mine. I know that some days are tougher than others, whether its me and Alex fighting or just unforeseen/other circumstances, you’re always able to come out of it calm, cool, and collected.

I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day and I am blessed and honored to be one of the reasons for it (well technically if Alex wasn’t here I would be THE reason but I won’t get into that). I love you Mom, don’t ever change.



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