Thoughts from a Northern Girl at a Southern School

Sadly, it is time for me to leave the Classic City for the next couple of months and head home. I have had yet another amazing year here in Athens and I can’t wait to come back in the fall.

The other day as my Mom and I were packing up my apartment, one of my girlfriends came over. She showed me a list, on tumblr or buzzfeed I honestly don’t remember, of 75 thoughts I’ve had while going to a Southern school. I’m not sure if that was the title in all but it was something to that connotation.

After two years I have definitely had some thoughts that were on her list/were related to it. So I decided to do my own before I leave here for a while.

I hope no one finds any of these offensive. They’re meant to be funny as well as my own personal opinion. Here we go:

  1. Chacos. No. Absolutely not
  2. I thought only people who hiked in the Northeast wore Patagonia…
  3. Oversized tee-shirts and Norts. Since when are gym clothes everyday clothes?
  4. No I’m not dressed up because I have real clothes, on I’m just going to class
  5. How does almost every girl here have perfect hair and make-up?
  6. Why are you running inside with a hat on??
  7. Pappa Johns/Dominos is NOT real pizza (call me a pizza snob, I’ll own it)
  8. I do not say words weird
  9. No I’m not going home for the weekend, I live in New Jersey
  10. Don’t ask me for directions around here, 316, 82, and 75 mean nothing to me
  11. Why is pork roll not a thing here?
  12. An inch of frost is not a snow day, I’ve gone to school with almost two feet on the ground
  13. I’m so glad it’s much warmer here than in New Jersey
  14. I miss Italian food
  15. Thank god for fried chicken
  16. I wonder if there are other schools where people don’t sweat from just walking to class
  17. Need.the.beach.four.hours.too.far.
  18. Why are there no homemade ice cream places around here?
  19. Waffle House needs to takeover IHOP and expand to New Jersey
  20. Never in my life would I thought I would wear cowboy boots
  21. Where did this dressing up thing for games come from?
  22. Why bother to buy croakies when you can just put the sunglasses on your head?
  23. I can not fathom why boys where chubbies
  24. UGA, where the girls shirts are longer than the boys shorts
  25. I wouldn’t trade my life here for the world

Those are the ones off the top of my head for now. Not too bad for two years. Somehow I’m already half-way done with my undergrad college experience. This is going way too fast. It needs to slow down. And I will figure out how to do it!

Even though this blog is mainly based on me being in the South, I will keep posting while back home as well as when I head to Florida next month. But as for you, Athens Georgia, I will see you when it’s time to play between the hedges again. Peace, love, and Go Dawgs!



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