It’s the Little Things

Remembering my favorite animal, or how I take my coffee. Those are the little things. Like the sea glass pictured above.

I didn’t find all of this today at the beach, I wish, but I’ve found it over the years. As you can see, it’s started to accumulate. Some pieces are big, some are small, but they’re all significant in some way.

Growing up on the beach, you tend to notice things. That perfectly formed shell half buried in the sand or a glimmer the color of seaweed. Which in actuality turns out to be something more.

As I’ve grown older I’ve been able pick out who grew up here at the Shore and who didn’t. People who have grown up here, whenever they go for a walk on the beach, their glance is always a little downcast. They’re constantly looking for those little things, those treasures. Whereas those who did not grow up here usually keep their glance straight ahead or look out to the water.

Granted I always look out to the water and watch where I’m walking, I’m a bit of a klutz, but my glance is usually at the sand. Hoping I’ll have something to take home that day.

Some days are better than others. To me, a good day is a couple of shells and four or five pieces of sea glass. Speaking of sea glass, apparently it isn’t as big everywhere else as it is here. Every summer, down in Cape May, there’s a sea glass festival. I’ve never been but I can assume it’s a giant craft fair where all of the items have sea glass incorporated somehow. When I tried to explain this, and how often I look for it, to my friends at school, I got some ver odd looks.

They couldn’t understand why I was so interested in broken pieces of beer bottles that washed up on the beach. Looking at it from their perspective I can see how it comes across as odd. If you don’t grow up with something, I guess it does seem foreign.

One of my best friends on the West Coast said people out there don’t understand it either. So it must be a Jersey Thing, and or Northeast thing. But I’m not complaining, that means more sea glass for me.

Maybe one day I’ll have enough to make something with it. But that would mean I would have to think of something to make. So, until then, I’ll keep my eyes downcast to the sand looking for those little things.

If any of you find yourselves here at the Shore, be sure to look for some. Their sizes are as small as your pinkie nail or as large as a poker chip. They also range in color from green, the most common, to blue, transparent, white, and red which is the rarest. I have yet to find red glass but I haven’t given up hope yet. It’s safe to say I don’t give up on most things too easily.



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