Going to a State school, not in your Home State

Last night I got a text from my Mom saying that my grandma was in the hospital having surgery. She told me not to worry because everything was okay and she would have called me if something was seriously wrong. Personally, I would have still preferred a call.

Then this morning I got a call from my Mom on speaker with my grandma. She sounded tired but otherwise just like her old self. They even sent me a “hospital selfie” which is pictured above. I was so grateful that it wasn’t something more serious. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but be a little sad.

I wasn’t able to go with my Mom and be there for my grandma because I’m 800 miles away at school. I never realized just how much I would be giving up by going to school so far away.

I love my school and all of the things I have been able to do here, but sometimes it’s hard. Without a car, it’s hard to get around most places let a lone to the airport to take a flight home.

There are those days when nothing goes right or it has just been a bad day where I want my Mom. Or days when I need my Dad to help me out with a project or want to spend a whole day cooking with him. Then there’s my sister, who I can always count on for coffee or to get her nails done with me. Sometimes it’s hard.

I’m jealous of my friends, some of the time, when they’re able to hop in their car and their biggest worry is if they’re going to hit Atlanta traffic on the way home. They’re able to go home, have a meal they didn’t have to make or buy, and sleep in their own bed. Then, come Sunday, they say their good-byes and jump right back into their school life. Sometimes I wish I could do that at times besides designated school breaks.

The one, of the many things, they don’t tell you in high school, especially if you go far away, is how difficult it is to travel. I have had my fair share of Hartsfield-Jackson near heart attacks and this is only my fourth semester. But out of all the missing your family and travel debacles, you grow.

You learn how to live on your own, because unfortunately your mom can’t be there to come help and take care of you. You learn how to deal with missing the people who have been there everyday since you came onto this earth. You learn how to solve problems when your flight is delayed or you get stuck in traffic. You learn how to see the people you meet as your family and your should to lean on when you need it. But most of all, you learn what it means to be your own person.

Things happen and your family might not always be around, excuse me while I start to tear up at the thought, but it happens.

By writing this I hope to tell others that when they decide to live away from home, at a young age (yes I still consider 20 being a young age), that they realize what they have before they leave it. As well as enjoy every moment of being home when they can. But also realize that leaving home is all part of finding yourself. It’s hard, and sometimes you just want to pack up, sit in the terminal, and go home. At those moments, you have to realize that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Finding yourself is worth having and if your family is anything like mine, they will be there waiting with open arms waiting for you to come back through that front door.


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