Jack Daniels Chocolate cake

No you didn’t misread the title. I said Jack Daniels. That means alcohol and baked goods coming together. Happy hour just got happier. But you can eat cake whenever.

I decided to embark on this baking endeavor because yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday. Don’t worry, he turned 22 so I am not contributing to the delinquency of minors. But safe to say, it’s possible to get drunk on cake.

Mine, however, was not that strong enough to do that but did it taste GOOD. Every chef has to try their creation to make sure it tastes good. Regardless if they’re 21 yet. (It was just a BITE).

Now I can’t take complete credit. I got the idea from a pinterest post I found. Here’s the link. On the website they’re cupcakes but my boyfriend prefers cake so it wasn’t that bad of a transition. One thing to note though, for cupcakes it says 18-20 minutes, if you do end up making a cake its closer to 25-30 minutes. The center takes a little longer to bake.

Now, the cake part, easy as pie (see what I did there?). The ganache, which the recipe calls for to make the icing, easy as well. Then there’s the frosting.

I consider myself a pretty good baker but icing and I don’t seem to be on good terms. The last time I made chocolate icing the powered sugar to cream cheese ratio was WAY off. No bueno. Unfortunately, the icing devil struck. Again.

In the recipe it says to beat the butter and pudding mix together for five minutes. I think we (my friend and I. She helped me make the cake) forgot that part. So when we added everything else, nothing came together. It was a lumpy mess and the butter oozed to the top leaving a layer of grease on the top of it. It was gross. So that was pitched.

Idea number two: kind of “homemade” icing.

Aka, taking the canned stuff (which is a little too artificially sweet for my taste) and beating whiskey into it.

It actually worked out really well taste wise and aesthetically. The cake was a dark chocolate and the icing was a light milk chocolate, as pictured.

Surprisingly, when the cake and icing are tried separately, the chocolate overpowers the whiskey. But when eaten together, however, it’s a great balance. You can taste the whiskey and the chocolate. The cake came out light and fluffy and by beating the icing it made it very smooth (it didn’t get that odd film like it usually does when it “dries”).

Even better, my boyfriend liked it. So happy days, he likes my baking. But then again how bad could chocolate and whiskey be? Now that I know how to cook with alcohol maybe I can figure out how to glaze things and make reductions. I think baking with it was a good first step.

Comments, questions, concerns? If you have any I’ll try my best to answer them.



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